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  • Nabel General Contracting LLC
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Oil & Gas Fields Facility

world class service

NABEL GC is an Oil and Gas company who provides a complete range of services from Project Development, Design, Operation and Maintenance. We are committed to providing reliable, amicable, and professional service to our valuable clients, and to being supportive to local businesses, being friendly to the environment as well as being proactive in the socio-economic environments within which we operate. We have developed a symbiosis through dedicated attention to every projects detail; whether that be from a technological standpoint or simply ...
  • Process Engineers
  • Contract Administrators
  • DCS Operator
  • Drilling Personals
  • Off Shore Staff
  • Construction Staff
  • Maintenance Personals
  • Pipeline Personals
  • Safety Personals
  • Technicians
  • Supervisors
  • Inspectors

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Confidence in future

NABELGC implements many projects and has extensive experience with oil and gas gathering facilities, separation plants, pressure boosting facilities, and other facilities

Workflow and
our successive work process

We need to start with a plan for the whole project. Before doing anything else, we need to think about all of the work that you will contract out for your project. We will want to plan for any purchases and acquisitions. Here’s where we take a close look at your needs to be sure that the contracting is necessary. We figure out what kinds of contracts makes sense for our project, and you try to define all of the parts of the project that will be contracted out.
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Workers and equipment are required

Workers and equipment are required to be transported to and from well sites. Wells is often located in remote areas and require traveling long distances to get to the sites. Oil and gas well drilling and servicing activities involve many different types of equipment and materials.
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Oil and gas sub-specialties and has proven international experience

Our Oil & Gas team works across all oil and gas sub-specialties and has proven international experience, at all stages of the project lifecycle, to effectively plan, design, implement, commission, and operate projects for oil and gas storage, transmission and distribution pipeline systems, and associated network infrastructure, as well as obtain the necessary permits, consents and ensure the integrity of critical assets. ness shrinking.
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The following OSHA and NIOSH documents provide guidance on recognizing and controlling this hazard:
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